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Welcome to 121-CONNECT

121-CONNECT is a new range of Norwegian manufactured wireless Bluetooth products distributed in North America exclusively by SRS Tactical. The product range consists of noise canceling headsets and 'dongles'. With the different configurations that can be achieved with these products, headset to headset, headset to dongle, dongle to dongle, it makes it a very versatile solution for many communication problems.

In a lot of industries a team will consist of 2 people and the requirement for communication between these teams is limited to a range of under 100 meters. This product range fills the gap left by many communication devices for this requirement. In some circumstances these teams currently use no communication devices at all and rely on hand signals or simply shouting. With the nature of Bluetooth a device is paired to another to form a link between the two. This vastly reduces the chance of interference between other paired devices to virtually nil and as Bluetooth technology uses licence free radio spectrum, there is no need for costly licensing.

The following is a guide to the current product line:-

121-GROUND CREW The 121-GROUND CREW solution consists of a Noise Canceling headset and dongle which have been specially designed for the aviation industry. The Bluetooth Wireless Ground Mechanic Headset and dongle allow instant wireless communications between ground mechanic and flight deck. The Ground mechanic has total freedom to walk within a 50 meter radius of the dongle and still communicate with the flight deck. More

121-HIGH NOISE The 121-HIGH NOISE solution consists of a Noise Canceling headset, which can be paired to another NC headset or another device or dongle (121-MODULAR) to provide full duplex communications within a range of 200 meters apart. The headsets protect the user when working in high noise areas from hearing loss and enables constant communications to the other user/device. Once paired the user simply turns the units on and they will automatically connect to each other. More

121-MODULAR The 121-MODULAR consists of a wireless Bluetooth dongle, which will pair with another dongle, Bluetooth device or 121-HIGH NOISE NC headset and enables a hard wired connection into another audio device. The dongle runs on 2 AA size re-chargeable batteries and is supplied with a battery re-charger.
Achieve up to a 150 meter range from dongle to dongle. More



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